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10 Essential Tips for Meeting Tech Needs of Low-Income Schools

The article “10 Essential Tips for Meeting Tech Needs of Low-Income Schools” defines the true reasons technology should be used correctly within the school environment, especially for low income school districts. The article explains 10 tips for technology to have beneficial results in the students and the school. Schools have been seeings an increase in student scores due to the demand of technology within the classroom, but some poverty cities have not yet seen the technology that many others have practiced. A teacher that works for one of the most violent and poverty based school in California wrote the ten tips to increase reader’s intelligence on the correct use and benefits of technology in the schools, like the tip that technology should not replace but compliment the teacher’s instruction and lessons. Technology would give parents a more active way to see how their child is doing in school, which will help family become more involved. Technology overall will give teachers more time to do other assignments rather than always teaching traditionally, like collecting data, making technology used assignments, involving parents, and roll out the blended learning theory.

Q1: What is your opinion of the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I agree with the tips of technology, especially how technology should not replace a traditional teaching lecture but help the students and teachers have a more beneficial experience. Technology is a great resource and all students should learn how to use it especially for the future, technology should give students a easier way to provoke excellence and achievement.

Q2: How will the issue help or hinder student learning?

Technology is being introduced to schools world wide. Tech is not only helping the teachers teach but helping the students learn in a more interactive way. For example, students having to work on an iPad may seem crazy to some but in the education aspect it’s great. An iPad is one of the most up to date products of technology. Students should keep updated to products and their use to help the students out in the future and to keep up with the growing and developing technology.

Q3: Why may technology may be important in low-income schools?

Low-income schools usually result in high classroom counts and lack of resources. Teachers cannot always teach the same way when the classroom has over 30 students, especially in elementary grades. Technology could help the students have a more interactive experience and the students can become rich on technology use and production which will help keep the students out of the poverty statistics and fear. If low-income schools do not receive resources the community will never see positive outcome.


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